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Nov 11, 2013 5:30pm EST
there was no record, so i guess it can't be true because there's n record. i don't know, take what you want from that. that's what he said. >> wendy: oh, boy do you ve aegrets -- >> your eyes are all over, girl! read it in the eyes, right. >> wendy: how old are you? >> 32. >> wendy: you only have about two mo minutes for all this teness and less than smartness before, oh, porshaeeds hel you know what, thouh? i can say this, though. st season i know i came off as a little airnd all that. ut that wa meecau i showed one side. i was being a loving, cateri wife, so people dn't see who i really am. >> wendy: do you live by the usives? >> not at all. i live by no regrets, lessons learned. >> wendy: the "realouseves f atlanta"irs nxthursy on bra. upnext, trivia. don't miss it. n i.p. tket to new york city. >> wendywatch for word o the day a then goto my faeboopageoentr. were saving seat f you. >> wendy: welcome back, erybody! it's time to play hotopics trivia. let's meet ou first contestant. what's your name? >> i'm noel fm reading, pennsylvania. >> nice to meet you, noel. here's your first question. how ma
Nov 13, 2013 2:05am PST
out their aice. i don't know if anybody ever learned a thin hoda is going to tell us about two pele who inspired her and changed r life. they arepecial. >> they are terrific. >> tl me about your big night lastight. hoda is always out and about. >> okay, here's my thing. i nt to the glamor wom of the year award ceremony. usually i go to these things, beuse we have to wake up so early, i go a little while then leave. this one is at carnegihall. >> so it's big. >> i it's big! so i thought there, i'll stay for about a half hour 45 minus, then i'llo. i didn't leave for the whole thing. cindy levy throws a eat, great, great event. >> she's editor in chief from "glamour." you look beautul, hode. >> iore the same thing the nit before. >> i was going to say. >> same shoes and everhing. they honored smany people. mala, the pakistani girl who was ot in the face. she stood up in ont of everyone at carnegie hl, look out and said i'm not afraid. i got shot in the fa and i'm not afraid. girls deserve to learn. it was such a beautiful and tearful cemony. the was a teacher from newtown, from sandy h
Nov 11, 2013 9:00am EST
on behind your both of you. he is sleepig with what else is there? >> don know ifhat is the case. when i talk to him and ask him what is going on did anything happen when i wt to the store, anything like that -- >> kk: are youleeping with him? >> i am. >> are you sleeping with him? now we know. now we need to bring chris out or something but we need to figure out how we are going to -- we both have a kid with him. so we have to figureut how we are going to do this >> i am with that but i would like to understand how you would like us to live together because you walk around the house like you o the house. but i'm supposed to be in your world and you are doing whatever it is that you want to do. and i am just there not doing nothing'm not supposed be wi chris or something >> i don't know i feel like you should talk to me about it if you feel likyo have been walking arounhe house and i'm walking around like i own the house. this is my first time hearing about it >> kirk: why does she have to come to you? ar you mared to chr? >> no. if itsn issue the way i'm behaving at the house i'm sayin
Al Jazeera America
Nov 6, 2013 5:30pm EST
. > pat died for no reason, mi hijo. people have got to know what these nursing homes consist of. they don't care, they're there for a paycheck. >> nora's lawyer shot video footage of pat's condition before he died - she hasn't been able to bring herself to watch it. >> and you've never watched this video? >> i've never watched the video. >> do you want to watch the video? >> no, i'm scared to see it. i can't. >> this video is critical evidence in nora's case. the images are disturbing. >> nora is trying to take care of pat. he's covered in sores. the sores on his foot are so bad that the bone is sticking out. >> he said he's in pain, give him something else. the man in this video is completely unrecognizable from the photos we saw at nora's house. >> [crying] i'm sorry. i'm sorry. the medicare review board gave amara only one star - defined as "much below average" in an overall rating. but despite that low rating, there have been no fines or penalties levied in at least the past three years. and across the us, there's little consistency to how facilities get fined for giving bad care. >>
FOX News
Nov 8, 2013 6:00am PST
. bill: there it is for now and what about it? jonas, good morning to you. did he go far enough? >> i don't think so. that sounded like the most passive-aggressive apology we have heard from a president in a while. bill: you say the was too cute, using a passive voice. >> he said we could have been more clear. that implies they were clear about something and they were honest about something, just not clear enough about it when in reality they were clearly dishonest. they said something over and over again were clearly that wasn't true. he can't admit that. this whole statement doesn't jive with the rest of his statement that these aren't the droids you are looking for. i don't think this will clear the air. i think they are trying to buy time. bill: because? what comes next? >> we don't know what kathleen sebelius is about to say. maybe she says she designed this website in a drunken stupor like the toronto mayor. but it sounds like they are laying the ground work for a website that won't work november 30. he's trying to give the democrats some flexibility that he met with this week. bill
FOX News
Nov 23, 2013 10:00am PST
. obviously, this is part of what's being discussed in the negotiations. we don't recognize that any country has a right to enrich. we have said that's been our policy for deck kamds. iran has been saying, i believe for decades, that they believe they have the right to enrich. so what we're working through is whether those two positions can be reconcileled through the negotiations. >> iran's foreign minister says the right to enrich uranium for domestic energy use and other purposes is a, quote, inalienable right and has to be included in any agreement. back here at home, some republican members of congress say it doesn't make sense to allow aye ran to continue to enrich uranium while also reducing international economic pressure. >> and on top of it all, sanctions would begin to unravel on the country. and as a consequence, it would be very hard for us to get them back into place. so if we're going to do a deal, the deal has to be that iran stops its nuclear program. if that isn't the deal, then we need to ratchet up sanctions. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also has pressed s
Nov 7, 2013 3:00am EST
revealing the earliest clues of autism ever observed. >> reporter: children with autism don't read emotions or reyes faces. we how can a baby tell you that? watch where their eyes go? that's the key to the study. at emory university, eye tracking software shows what he is looking at. where he x is his focus. >> what the study shows us is there are changes already happening that wouldn't be detectable to the naked eye. >> reporter: they studied a group of 36 children starting at two months old. three years later, they found out which were diagnosed with autism. turns out the children with autism by six months old spend less and less time looking at the eyes. the bigger the change, the more profound the autism was. >> the earlier we diagnose. the earlier we intervene the better the long-term outcome. >> reporter: previous research in boston show used eye tracking to show that babies take emotional cues from faces, from eyes. >> three facial emotions, neutral, happy and fear. >> reporter: we know older children with autism don't make eye contact. now technology has given a way to dete
Nov 22, 2013 6:00am EST
dropped below 13. with only a little more than a month left in 2013, why don't we look at this year's returns? the dow is up more than 22% at this point. the s&p is up nearly 26%. and the nasdaq is up by nearly 31%. by the way, if those numbers aren't big enough for you, check out how far stocks have come from their march 2009 lows. the dow over that time period gaining nearly 145%, the s&p 165%, and the nasdaq nearly 213%. yeah. march 2009 lows, what a long way we've come. as you take a look at futures this morning, they're flat-lining at this point, probably unsure what to do after yesterday's big gains. as for the rates with the ten-year, at this point the ten-year is yielding 2.782%, so below 2.8%, but it's been rising and rising on the expectation that the fed is going to have to start tapering at some point, and that will eventually lead to higher interest rates. >> the obama rally's in full force. 2009. what happened in 2008? >> the election. >> yeah, that's right. here we are, baby. rich people are getting richer, though. that's the only problem. >> i know that's your new pr
Nov 27, 2013 6:00am EST
entrances to the bridge. >> look at this team of people. >> don't worry, they did this to me one time. >> this is lovely. >> these people are going to come out and they're going to go, clear! did you finally go around? you went through the lincoln tunnel? >> no, we didn't. we went around the whole round about. >> you had to come across the bridge, though. >> we came across the bridge, yes. >> finally came across the gw. >> yes. >> in 20 years, we've never done this, i don't think. >> wow, you look good. >> this is really good. >> amazing. >> andrew probably -- how about the news except there was a big storm this morning. >> it is a bit of a mess out there. in fact, if you're planning on traveling that massive winter storm that dumped snow in the west is now pummeling the east with a lot of wet weather this morning. as you would expect, this is reeking havoc on some thanksgiving travel plans. look out if you're on your way to work this morning, it is going to be a bit of a mess. reynolds wolf will join us from the weather channel in just a moment. you look good. >>> the dow and the s&p
Nov 25, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> there are some things that are too personal and you don't want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: the fcc acknowledges that most passengers oppose phone calls and even the chairman says, "i feel that way myself." on the white house website, 2500 people have signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta polled its passengers and found 2/3 said no to phone calls. >> if people are talking loud it may be disruptive. >> reporter: and flight attendants are adamantly opposed. >> i can see it now with a dozen people, can you hear me now? can you hear me now? none of us want to experience that on a plane. >> reporter: why such a negative reaction? researchers found when you are stuck in an elevator or plane and listening to a one-sided conversation it steals your attention, making it difficult to get anything done. [ ringing ] >> reporter: this is just a proposal. even if approved, late next year, it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. [ ringing ] >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> all right. lots of you weighed in on this issue on
Nov 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
is happening to your children as you're feeding these foods from overseas and they don't have to pass the same food standards. it's a kitchen table issue. >> there's no question about it. it is a kitchen table issue. >> i couldn't resist. >> thank you. politics nation with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >>> good evening, ed. and thanks to you for tuning in. new numbers on how president obama's health care laws is helping real people across the country. the health and human service's department says the law has gotten more than half a million americans positioned to have health care. more than 100,000 have chosen plans from the federal and state health care exchanges. and nearly 400,000 have been deemed eligible for medicaid. that is the reality of the president's health care law. half a million people who didn't have insurance before are about to get covered. that's what really matters. the problem with the website are serious. but they will be fixed. the white house says other tweaks to the law will be made sooner rather than later. but all republicans want to do is t
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am PST
of the year. we're coming up on a big month of deadlines. but don't overlook two giant ones that the shutdown standoff put in place. december 13th, when budget negotiators led by congressman paul ryan in the house and senator patty murray are supposed to get a deal done or at least a blueprint of a deal. then of course january 15th when the government runs out of money. and of course grinds to a halt if they don't do anything. forget a grand bargain. the house is in session just eight days before that december 13th deadline, and if you think that's bad, it gets worse. the senate doesn't return until december 10th, meaning the house and senate will only be in session together four days before that december 13th deadline. heck of a job, congress. the question is whether budget negotiators can beat the clock and close in on any small-scale budget deal before then. if nothing is done by the middle of january, then we have $109 billion in new across-the-board cuts, sequester two as it's called. it includes $52 billion in additional defense cuts because of the complicated way the cuts were put in p
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am PST
, and at the other end, long-term planning so that every year we're repairing, replacing the right things, and we don't have to do it all at once, which is, quite frankly, what we're having to do in atlanta now. griffin: we have thousands of assets that we have to keep track of. we have to always know their condition and continuously plan for their refurbishment at the right time. one of the things we're required to do under the consent decree is inspect our system. we're trying to find where there's leaks. so we blow smoke into the sewer pipe. man: we're locating places where water from the surface to the ground is running into the sewer pipe and overloading the system. hunter: we have 1,600 miles of sewer. we are evaluating every linear foot of that system. is the pipe leaking; are you having a lot of infiltration or inflow? thornell: every time it rains, water will come down, go into the pipe, enter the sewer system. it's very easy to repair this defect and get all that water out of the system. griffin: with our closed-circuit tv inspection, we record cracks, holes, pipes that are partially collap
FOX News
Nov 24, 2013 3:00am PST
the agreement. the president if you don't want to be cynical, maybe we ought to be happy and think positively. if you hear the president, he says no deal will go into place in six months if they violate any of these. >> right. we should be totally clear about two things. one, this is not just between iran and the united states, this is an agreement between the united states and iran as well as great britain, germany, france, china, and russia. this is really a global deal. also be clear, it's not just the israelis, it's also the gulf states and saudi arabia. i'll make a third point. anyone that i've ever spoken to in the region is that iran will have one because they have the desire and they have the money to pay for it. >> when i was first listening to the breaking news on fox news channel, six month deal seems like it's reasonable because it's a short period of time. you've got intrusive inspectors going in there. the iranians have agreed to this. this is part of the six-month deal. the thing that's interesting is if after six months they haven't followed the deal, what? >> then there's no
Nov 12, 2013 3:00pm EST
in the market today. >> i still don't understand this. interest rates go up, people in the markets think it's bad but only because they can go up. if they're going to taper, they're data-dependent. that means they see better things. i'm just fine with them getting on with tapering, stop talking about it. do it the right way, which isn't going to be easy, but it means things are better. they wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't, so i'm fine with this tapering. >> but i guess at the end of the day it's about expectations, right, kimberly? if the market is not expecting a taper until now, the new expectation is march, perhaps june of 2014, what happens if, in fact, we were to see a taper next month? is that an unexpected surprise that sends markets going down? >> i think you might see that like back in april and may what we saw with the markets. but the reality is the taper in has to deal with the employment data and it's down 7.3. it's kind of a double-edged sword here. my feeling is that, you know, yes, we do have improving economy. yes, we have lower unemployment but the fed has a long
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am EST
&p futures up by 1.5 points. joe mentioned there are a few tests for the markets today, so why don't we take a look at the calendar on the economic side. we'll get the s&p case-shiller index-home prices for september at 9:00 eastern time. later, the consumer confidence number is released for september. we were originally speccing housing starts at 8:30 eastern today. permits will hit the tape, but the government is delaying the starts and completions again. they are still blaming the shutdown for this. the commerce department now plans to share that information on december 18th. >>> we go from the economy to earnings. this morning's horts include hormel, tiffany's, and barns & noble. >>> also, other market related news, takeover premiums are shrink to go historic lows. "the wall street journal" reports more than 9300 deals and so far this year the average premium has only by 19% of a target the week before. that compares to a historic average of 30%. among those factor tos are booming economy, a worry interest rates will rise. market vaum is an issue. you have to look in two different places
Nov 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
could say a lot of things about chris mcdaniel but don't you ever say he voted democrat. liberals and rhinos, you just crossed line. >> coming soon to a tv machine near you, mississippi. coming soon. >>> now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> today, the president tried to stop the panic among some congressional democrats over the affordable care act. >> there is no doubt that people are frustrated and we should have done a better job. >> the president is going to announce some kind of fix. >> some sort of fix. >> administrative fix to the affordable care act. >> i understand why folks are frustrated. >> if you like your plan, you really can keep the plan. at least for a while. >> today we're going to extend that principle. >> trying to keep his original promise. >> insurers can keep their plan into 2014. >> that's on me. we should have done a better job. >> president obama gets an earful from fellow democrats. >> we believe this needs to be fixed. >> i think we can get it fixed. >> they are worried now about the mid-term elections. >> what
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
this together. in a baritone voice he would say if you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything. there was so much respect for this man but along with a philip randolph, who organized the brotherhood of sleeping car porters, represented the men working on the railroad. and when you come to washington and walked through the union station there is a bus. you have martin luther king jr. who was the president of the southern christian leadership conference born in atlanta georgia and then there was roy wilkins, the head of the naacp for the advancement of colored people that were born in minnesota, a wonderful man comed then there was whitney young who was born in kentucky, the dean of social work at atlanta university and later became the head of the national urban league. there was another man by the name of james farmer. farmer had attended the little wiley college in texas, why we texas. and he was part of the dating team -- debate team. they deviated harvard and they won. the graduate study at harvard university became very involved with the naacp and was later one of
Al Jazeera America
Nov 14, 2013 1:00am EST
enrollment, some haven't paid. some of the insurance companies don't consider that number to be accurate. so, there are supposed to be 39,000 to meet the original plans. how does this work? >> have you ever gone shopping on the web? you put something in your shopping cart and then you just don't buy it or you put it off? and it's still in your cart. they are counting people who put a healthcare plan in their shopping cart but haven't paid for it yet. we don't know if those people are actually going to enroll. about a third of that 106,000 are in california, who enrolled on a state website which is working very well. that's about a third of the total. and it's in one state. it's a big state. but it's in one state. look, what the add miles per hourstration has to do, number 1, is come up with a new plan, not a new affordable care plan but a new plan for exactly how they are going to fix it. people don't want to hear more apologies, more explanations. they want to hear exactly what the plan is to fix this thing and stop drawing red lines, stop saying it's going to be fixed by november 30th or d
Nov 24, 2013 7:00am PST
shoulder moves. then i do the wave. i don't want to brag, but i'm good. >> we bring them together for an exclusive head-to-head boogie battle. >>> i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> but i'm good. >> anyway, we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit, for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dancing. this is a great story and we'll have it for coming up. >> if there is an award for jumbotron operator, it should go to this guy. this is incredible video to watch. >>> also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally, the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, except for the pebbles falling from the sky. >> the record, ginger forecasted the rocks to fall from the sky. >>> also this morning, we have an abc news exclusive. we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, this is all in advance of "gma's" massive one direction concert co
Nov 25, 2013 7:00am PST
pills were given to the swedish ambassador through beijing. they don't know if he got them. hopefully, they'll find out later today. >> always great to see you, bob. thanks. >>> now to the red-hot night of music. at the american music awards. big names. huge honors. performances that brought down the house. abc's cecilia vega was there for it all. ♪ ♪ carry me >> reporter: it was ladies' night at the amas. from katy perry's over-the-top show opener. to miley's closing number, complete with a lip-synching cat. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: lady gaga rode in on a human-powered horse. and then performed a presidential duet with r. kelly in their on stage oval office. the big winners, taylor swift, taking home four trophies, including artist of the year. >> you got the big one. >> i didn't even think about that yet. this is just so cool. >> reporter: justin timberlake celebrated a big night with three amas, including best pop rock male artist. >> this means so much to me. thank you. >> reporter: on the red carpet, katy showed off the bling. i have to see this rin
Nov 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
waiting for a really long time to try to get health care because they don't have it. and, you know, i am very frustrated. but i'm also somebody who, if i fumbled the ball, you know, i'm going to wait until i get the next play. then i'm going to try to run as hard as i can and do right by the team. ultimately i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. what i'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed. >> the president, who is not running for re-election, did everything he could to take the politic. >> cal: pressure off the people who are. congressional democrats. >> there is no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats, whether they're running or not. because they stood up and supported this effort through thick and thin. and, you know, i feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values that i think led him to support this thing in the first place. >> president obama said the criticism he has been facing has been, quote, deserved. he also said he understands h
Nov 27, 2013 12:00pm PST
of the case. in a separate bin. that is something that my pet peeve, people don't remember to do that. and shoes off unless you're under 12, over 75, in the military or part of global entry program. and keep the line moving, that's the key. being swift and get yourself through. >> if you travel all the time and not part of the tsa precheck they they want people to be a part of, you're an amateur. i've joined that thing. you don't have to take off your shoes and get undressed. it is a beautiful thing. you feel so much more relaxed. >> i scoped out tsa precheck lines at laguardia and they were flying through. >> i'll be there in a few hours, positive news. >> christmas is just around the corner. there have to be lessons we're learning from thanksgiving. people should start planning now for the christmas holiday. >> our travelocity showed last week was the last time best tim for the holidays. go online and book your holiday travel. but there are key learnings that we've taken from thanksgiving. first of all, extra time, extra time. two hours, even though you're the best person and can re
Nov 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
don't know how that strengthens the law. think it weakens it. >> david kay johnston, the target that jay carney drew, pretty narrow one. people in the market place who cannot afford or find a plan that they can afford. now, most, a lot of people we are talking about will get subsidies in the, in the system, so the affordability factor actually applies to very, very few people. >> yeah, most people will actually be better off in the situation they're describing under the plans. but i have a different take on this. lawrence, i don't think the president ever meant, you will have the exact plan you have. that's impossible. companies change their plans every year. everybody in america with health insurance knows their plan changes every year. what he was saying if you don't want to be in the exchanges and been private health care you can still do it. that was the point that i thought always understood he was making. >> let's listen to what bill clinton said is the take away, the one line if you could quote one line from bill clinton about the affordable care act. he would like it to
Nov 25, 2013 9:00am EST
to hear from david, that there is nothing pertinent that would make it so this seems wrong. i don't think it is right. >> david, you do know mcmillon well. what can you tell us? >> i spent a good amount of time doing our last document on walmart, which has to be about five years ago. then, there was a lot of speculation he would be the next ceo. i remember distinctly discussing it with him. it did make air on the documentary, that idea. he was running international. we spent a couple of days together in china. certainly, well-schooled in international, had run, i believe, cosco prior tco, prior. >> you mean sam's club? >> sam's club, excuse me. >> i know you are on vacation. i have to keep you in line. >> one day of opening boxes. sam's club's, thank you, carl. again, he has been discussed as a ceo even back then, even though he was in his early 40s at the time. i believe now 47. still, clearly a lot of runway ahead of him. somebody who would do a move anywhere for the company and do what was asked of him. we had a fairly frank discussion about that. certainly, somebody who was like a lot
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> is this now the biggest social media meets commercial saying day that america has? >> yes, but also don't forget about cyber monday. a lot of people, if these companies are playing on platforms, they are very much focussed on cyber monday. a lot of bricks and mortar stores are growing business. walmart and target and costco are paying attention and trying to grow the cyber business, cyber monday is becoming a very real player in this whole equation of a weekend, as well. >> how do you think companies in america, generally, the bigger ones are dealing with this new emerging super power of social media? >> it's funny. i've been paying attention. this new book i wrote is focused on this. you look at macy's, i was looking yesterday. i'm so impressed how they are focused on printerest and instagram and best buy and sears, it's an utter disaster. they are not focussing on it. sears or best buy, i can't remember, posted their tv commercial as a facebook post. nobody is on facebook to watch your 30-second tv commercial. >> there is an interesting story this week involving gap using twitter. >>
Nov 6, 2013 1:00am PST
insurance would be able to keep it. >> here's what my suggestion would be to him, don't be so cute. and when you make a mistake, admit it. now, listen, if it was a mistake in 2009, if he was mistaken in 2009, 2010 on his understanding on how it would operate, then just admit it to people. say you know what, i said it, i was wrong. i'm sorry, we're going to try to fix it and make it better. i think people would give any leader in that circumstance for owning up for it. don't lawyer it. people don't like lawyers. i'm a lawyer. they don't like them. >> people don't like lawyers. good advice for a political candidate. christie went on to say that americans are forgiving people. and if the president would just admit he was wrong, americans might say, okay, just fix it. >>> let's get an early look at our weather with meteorologist chad myers. good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. d.c., metro, some fog. pittsburgh, same story. we're going to see some winds in st. louis and detroit. really windy across parts of florida, dallas, seattle, gusty winds, low clouds and seattle and portland. i know th
Nov 8, 2013 7:00am EST
the president is voicing an opinion. here he is. >> obviously, people get pretty team names, i don't think there are any redskins fans that mean offense. i've got to say if i were the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. but i don't want to detract from the wonderful redskins fans that are here. they love their team, and rightly so come it even though they have been having a tough time this year. think all these mascots and team names related to native americans, native americans feel pretty strongly about it it i don't know whether our attachment to a particular name real, override the legitimate concerns that people have about these things. but, i don't have a stake in this in the sense of them not a part owner of any football team. >> and now we want to include you in the conversation about whether or not the washington redskins name should be changed. 202 is the area code. native americans, we want to hear from you as well. finally, for redskins f
Nov 14, 2013 1:40am PST
an alligator in illinois. >>> our second gator story starts with a warning. don't try this at home. >> why would you try this at home. next time you come face to face with a 12 foot alligator, don't feed it with your mouth. the guy pulling this stunt has experience with gators. as we said, don't try this at home ever even if you are a stunt man. >> i tried that stunt more or less with like french fries and stuff with my dog all the time. it's a great effect. he'd gently bite half of it and pull it away. he's not a gator. >> not an alligator. >> not good. >> not by any degree. >> coming up, when a word not suitable for television winds up on live television, find out who's the latest to drop the "f" bomb. >> the defiant mayor from toronto who admitted to smoking crack, is he any closer to giving up his office or admitting there's a problem. ♪ and i won't back down >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. g plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ m
Nov 24, 2013 4:00am PST
the little boy versus the usher. it was all caught on camera. >> when i do the wave, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> we bring them together for a head to head boogie battle. >>> i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> i'm good. >> we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dancing inspect is a great story. >> it's incredible is video to watch. >>> also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption except for the rocks falling from the sky. >>> also this morning, an abc news exclusive u we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, all in advance of "good morning america's" massive one direction concert coming up tuesday morning. >>> we're going to start with this historic deal with iran reached in the middle of the night. secretary of state jn kerry and
Nov 12, 2013 3:00am PST
. they obviously don't know you very well. >> we'll try to cooperate that way. >> talk to anybody between the suv and the suv -- >> you remember we did that walk john there were a few people. >> wow. >> it was a great game. it's alabama -- it's a really special place. that campus and the people there. tons of people go there. you just feel like every time guy there you feel like you're home. >> i feel like the guy running the health care website for the president. >> oh, my lord. >> the leader. watching him on the field run that pre-game stuff with these kids and how he interacts with the kids and coaches. there's a precision an an execution there that's really unmatched. >> leadership, identify always said whether you're talking about running a country or a football team or running a baptist church, you know this. it starts at the top. and it's got to be strong. >> all right. >> entire organizes are turned on a dime. >> i was trying to help your book. >> by a strong leader. >> okay. so we have a lot to talk about this morning. >> like your father. what do you have against strong leaders? >> not
Nov 26, 2013 6:30pm EST
. >> a lot of times in weather like this you don't see that ice on the road? >> no, they won't know until they're hydroplaning. >> reporter: to keep safe on the roads, a great tip from aaa they tell us -- don't use cruise control. in slippery conditions, you need to be able to ease off the gas quickly, and you can't when your cruise control is on. so that's the mess on the ground but if you are flying up, the air is messy, too. for that part of the story we turn to abc's david kerley at o'hare international airport in chicago. david, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this is united's o'hare airport command center, the busiest time of the year. over all tonight there are 7200 flights in the air. in atlanta one in three flights was delayed today. there is another map they're interested in in chicago. it's that map sam showed you, the weather map and the storm which could cause huge airline delays. worried about the weather passengers are hitting airports early, but in some cases even that is not enough. >> i actually had a job interview in little rock and i got stuck in houston last
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> reporter: even some of the president's closest allies don't think it's enough. >> it's disappointing to me that iran is still going to be allowed to enrich while they're talking. >> we just feel more pressure needs to be brought on iran. >> we have all the leverage in the negotiation and we've let them out of the trap. >> reporter: it took a year of secret meetings to get this far. president obama insists this framework will lead to a more comprehensive agreement in six months. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> our chief international correspondent will join us with more on this story in just about 30 minutes. then we'll be talking oil with an energy policy analyst as well. brian, i'll send it over to you. >> becky, thank you very much. it is a big morning here. while we get a check on the broader markets because we have a global melt up. futures indicating a higher open for futures stocks. andrew told you at the top we're on a lucky seven week streak. everything in europe is higher. all the major indexes are on the rise led by germany which is up just under 1%. japan continues to ro
Nov 30, 2013 12:00pm PST
is in the middle of the building, and until they can remove it, they don't really know what's underneath. removing the helicopter will be an extremely difficult, complex and intricate operation. the building is unable and they want to insure their maximum safety before they try any further operations. finding out what happened and why the helicopter fell out of the sky in such a disastrous way last night, again, the police describe that as a sensitive and complex investigation, one that will take many weeks, if not months. tonight, though, in scotland, the people are mourning the fact that eight people perished. the number may go higher, and flags in the country are at half-mast. miguel? >> many thanks to richard quest. i'm now joined by gordon smart, who is the editor of the "scottish sun" newspaper, also an eyewitness to this. gordon, what did you see last night? >> i was about to drive home for the evening. it was about 10:15 in the evening. i work late. i was on the sixth floor, the open top level of a multistory car park, and i could make out the noise of a gargling engine, like a misfire eng
Nov 26, 2013 7:00am PST
of these hubs start cancelling flights -- don't forget that new york gets 1 out of 10 flights every day -- when they start canceling, there's that cascading effect. that ripple effect that goes to the entire country. if you're flying to seattle or los angeles, you could be delayed, too. it is a big problem. u.s. air and delta, offering waivers to passengers, meaning they can rebook their flights. the problem, george, that doesn't mean they get home for thanksgiving. >> so, david, if you're heading to the airport today, what do you do? >> reporter: a couple things. do not check a bag if you want to get on a plane. and a couple of things. go on the website, check the airline. sign up for their apps. and if something goes wrong, tweet. george and robin, i'll tweet you. i'm getting on a plane and i'll let you know how it's going at 0,000 feet. >> okay, david, thanks very much. >>> let's go to josh and the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with new concerns about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. we learned that a deal that would keep american forces in afghanistan possibly through
Nov 26, 2013 10:00am PST
't they just do that? >> i think the weakness, of course, in their argument is we generally don't let corporations cherry pick certain provisions of laws. and say a well, we're not going to abide by that because our religious beliefs prohibit this. we just haven't recognized that previously in this country. however, there is hobby lobby says a precedent, citizen united of course, that famous case involving funding of political campaigns by corporations. the supreme court there said a corporation is a person and has a right to political views. if they can have political views, why not religious views says hobby lobby. and the tenth circuit which is a big federal district out west, colorado, oklahoma, kansas, wyoming, if agreed with hobby lobby forcing the supreme court to look at this issue to see if there's any legitimacy to the argument. >> thank you very much. another threat to obama care. our political director cnn's mark tresston. here it is, another headache for the obama administration. over obama care. it sounds like from what paul is saying the entire law is not at risk. that
Nov 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. [ male announcer ] has some very special power. ♪ [ toys chattering ] it's filled with new duracell quantum batteries. [ toy meows ] [ dog whines ] [ toy meows ] these red batteries are so powerful, that, this year they'll power all the hasbro toys donated to toys for tots. want to help power some smiles? duracell. trusted everywhere. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. >>> america anticipating the big day, that day of course, the day after thanksgiving, black friday, an orgy of shopping. my guests have the secrets to save before you get to the mall, jab, jab right hook. gary, how are you? >> good to see you again. how are yo
Nov 3, 2013 3:00pm PST
'm don lemon. it is 6:00 here in the east in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. we will have grizzly new details on the los angeles airport shooting. the shooter fired at point blank range at tsa officer hernandez who crumbled to the floor. the suspect walked away, turned around, and saw hernandez squirming on the floor. the suspect came back, shooting hernandez again, killing him. five people were shooting with including the suspected gunman, paul ciancia who is in critical condition. two others were treated at hospitals and released. 29-year-old high school teacher is in fair condition. he was shot in the leg. now to cnn stephanie elim outside l.a.x. stephanie, you spoke with a passenger who witnessed a shooting. >> reporter: don, it was crazy to hear his story. he said everyone hit the ground. he was up above the escalator, in he curity, wh when everything happened. there was a pause and he looked back down and that's when he saw everything else. take a listen. >> we were at security. we heard the initial gunshots. and everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks w
FOX News
Nov 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
before a holiday sale to afford those 25%, 50% off and 65% discounts. you don't know that as a consumer. and that's what we do. we want to make sure that we protect our margins, mr. retail store. whatever they're offering at a percentage off is exactly that, you just don't know what the original price was. you'll probably never know. >> the thing though is there's a lot of information, more so than ever before. a lot of websites dedicated to this. it is shame on you if you don't know. >> yes. not only that, also have to do your research, know what's going on. and there are all these -- i can't tell you how many -- i received 100 emails before the time i woke up yesterday morning of all these sales that were going on. half of them weren't even legit. half weren't even real sales. we as the consumer need to know and -- >> you said real sales, saying they bump up the price where from where it was a month ago, then they discount it from the higher price level? >> his several of those. i also -- i had several of those. i also had spam emails where they weren't real stores. they were fake sto
Nov 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
all. >>> and on top of the world -- you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> new york's central park center stage for one direction's blowout concert. the formula for creating the biggest pop group on the planet. >>> good evening. diane is off tonight. as we come on the air a ferocious storm system with very bad timing is creating all kinds of trouble. look at the countdown clock, one of the busiest travel days of the year hours away and this is the storm, powering up and on the move, with arctic air, downpours, strong winds and even tornados. the national service issuing watches, warnings and advisories in 20 states tonight and so many families wondering will they make it home for thanksgiving. our extreme weather team is tracking it all. abc's weather editor sam champion starts us off. good evening, sam. >> reporter: good evening, george. there is a light, cold rain in central park. this pre-thanksgiving storm has made it to the east coast. look at the radar. it's the entire east coast, every eastern state from the gulf coast all the way to maine is getting something out of this st
Nov 27, 2013 5:30pm PST
at america's airports. millions hoping their holiday flights don't end up delayed. abc's ron claiborne is in new york's laguardia airport with a look at how they're doing. ron? >> reporter: george, things are actually going pretty well, surprisingly well. there were predictions of all kinds of chaos at airports on top of a traditional crush of travelers, weather-related chaos, but those dire warnings appear to have spooked a lot of people into leaving early. in charlotte, north carolina overnight, the line outside the main terminal may have seemed interminable. in new york's penn station the concourses were packed with crowds of people trying to avoid the predicted chaos at the airport. for the most part, travel on this day before thanksgiving wasn't so bad. one reason, it seems days of warnings of an apocalyptic airport mess persuaded many people to depart yesterday. >> the airlines offered passengers the opportunity to move their flights up a day, so we did a couple thousand extra passengers at each checkpoint yesterday to make today a little bit easier. >> reporter: of course, there
Nov 25, 2013 7:00am PST
program, that there have been secret why facilities. that's why we don't take anythig at face value. >> reporter: this deal is a a confidence building measure.uilding it buys time to broker a more complete agreement that addresses things like destroyingtroying all of iran's nuclear fuel and and giving access to all facilities. basically the hard part is just beginning. >> margaret, thank you.u. house republican leader eric sponsible cantor the man for bringing additional sanctions in the the e. house calls this a mistake. he's in richmond virginia. we have a conversation you'll see only on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> charlie, good morning. >> you heard the secretary of state say this is good because it expands the time iran has the have capaci capacity to make a nuclear weapon.e there's more inspection and some enrichment is to 20% will have to be changed.o why isn't that a good deal to why freeze things and delay? charli >> charlie, i think this deal im with iran is in fact dangerous. it is a deal which brings iran closer to becoming a nuclear nego power.
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